This week at the Midrasha! 06/02-10/02


Monday Morning Midrasha with Rebbetzen Lauren Levin (9:30am-12:30pm)
An in depth study of various topics, Chavruta preparation from 9:30, and Shiur from 11.
Gemara Shiurwith Ian Gamse (8-10pm)
Chavruta followed by Shiur at 9pm. 
A Gemara Shiur which spans traditional and academic approaches, focused on understanding both the text and the conceptual issues that it raises.  No previous knowledge or learning of Gemara necessary, for this challenging and very interesting Shiur.

Contemporary Halachic Issues with Rabbi Dr Harvey Belovski (8-10pm)
A systematic, source-based exploration of medical and ethical conundrums

Ideas and Implications Chabura (7:45-8:30pm)
An exciting and engaging Shiur given by a talented member of the community. 
Nevi'im with Rebbetzen Lauren Levin (8:30-9:30pm)
An exciting and engaging Shiur looking at the beggining of the era of the Nevi'im and how to apply that to our everyday lives. Part 1: Why and house does a Navi need a divine calling?
Mums' Midrasha with Lindsay Simmons (11:00am-12:00pm)
Great learning programme for mothers providing a unique opportunity to explore the Parashat HaShvua in a safe and baby-friendly environment.  The perfect way to spend your morning with your child, particularly whilst on maternity leave!
Please note: Parents will be responsible for their own child and only pre-toddlers will be able to attend the Shiur
Lunch and Learn with Lindsay Simmons (1-2pm)
Come along for a delicious lunch and fantastic shiur which will delve into the weekly Parasha and its messages, providing you with plenty to say at the Shabbat table. 
In loving memory of Mr Ze'ev Racker

Spring Term 2017 Timetable

The exciting new program for the Spring Term of 2017, starting the week of Wednesday 18th January! Stay tuned for updates!

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