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Rabbi Belovski's Gemara Shiur is paused this week, but will return for one more class next week 19th Dec (8th night Chanukah) before the holidays, continuing Bava Metziah. Chavrusa 8-9, Shiur (via Skype) 9-10 at LSJS. Watch this space for next term's info....

All other Shiurim continuing as normal.

Please join us next Monday night, 18th Dec, 7th night Chanukah for a special Chanukah program, featuring Rabbi David Katz of MMY! Poster below... Looking forward to seeing you!

The Midrasha for Women
tag:www.themidrasha.co.uk,2013:Post/1198440 2017-10-15T19:10:21Z 2017-12-03T12:24:25Z Week Commencing 4th December

Looking forward to seeing you this week! Come and try one of our great classes with wonderful educators! 

Rabbi Belovski's class will be continue this week - 8-10pm: Gemara Bava Metzia - currently exploring the basics behind Hashavas Aveidah. Chavrusa 8-9pm followed by Shiur from 9-10, via Skype, at LSJS. No Sefer required - copies provided.

SAVE THE DATE: Mon 18th December - 7th night Chanukah - for a special Shiur entitled "Chanukah, Yosef vs Yehudah, and Emerging Adulthood" with Rabbi David Katz, Director of MMY! 8-9pm.

The Midrasha for Women
tag:www.themidrasha.co.uk,2013:Post/1188513 2017-09-03T13:45:55Z 2017-10-27T10:23:44Z Autumn Term at the Midrasha!
Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Morning Midrasha starting 30 October
(Shiur 11am-12:30pm)
£12 per week (concession £10)
Rebbetzen Lauren Levin - 30 October, 6, 13,20 November
Rabbi David Mason - 27 November, 4,11,18 December
Sessions starts with chavruta providing you with the chance to study in-depth source texts at your own pace which are then discussed and expanded further in the shiur. This is for those with some background in learning.

Gemara Shiur staring 4 September
8-10pm with Ian Gamse
Improve your skills and deepen your knowledge as you go through the 8th perek of Bava Kama (HaChovel). A Gemara Shiur which spans traditional and academic approaches, focused on understanding both the text and the conceptual issues that it raises. 

Rabbi Belovski (via Skype)
Gemara Bava Metzia 
Starting 7th November for 4 weeks, 8-10pm
Chavrusa for an hour followed by Shiur. No Sefer required - Rabbi Belovski will provide copies.

Lunchtime Parasha Shiur starting 7 September
1-2pm with Lindsay Simmonds
£10 per week (concession £8)
Providing you with plenty to say at the Shabbat table.

If you would like to sponsor any of our Shiurim or learning programmes, or a week at The Midrasha (The Judi Back Women's Institute for Torah Studies) to celebrate a Simcha, or to mark a Yahrtzeit.

The Midrasha for Women