Our Vision

Our Vision:

To establish ourselves as a vibrant and committed institute for Orthodox Jewish Women and Post High School girls who are passionate and serious about their Judaism and their learning.

To inspire Orthodox women in the London and wider Jewish Community to develop and deepen their Torah knowledge and practices through a range of high level text based shiurim and an open Beit Midrash.

To provide and attract high quality teachers, shoel u’meishiv personalities and guest speakers who are superb educators and inspiring role models for Orthodox Women of all ages.

To create a Women’s Centre for Torah Learning for women and post high school students who wish to study in the evenings be it alone, in pairs or in classes, in a warm, friendly and exciting atmosphere.

Mission Statement:

The Midrasha is based in Hendon, at Bet Meir, on the LSJS campus. The Midrasha and LSJS will work in partnership to ensure that the Women at the Midrasha are provided with wonderful learning opportunities, inspiring guest speakers and exciting social and educational events.

We believe that Orthodox Women living, working, studying and building their own homes in London should have a vibrant and strong centre of learning. A place where women are given the opportunity to excel in their Torah studies, where they are guided and taught by fantastic teachers and inspirational role models and where they can meet and engage with like-minded ladies.

Women’s learning is flourishing more than it ever has before and we are desperate for a Women’s Torah Institution. A place where women can go and learn, engage in Torah and in spiritual growth and form new friendships.

The Bet Midrash at the Midrasha will be a friendly and exciting atmosphere for post high school girls and ladies, particularly those who may have previously learnt in a Beit Midrash in Seminary and who wish to continue doing so.

Each of the Midrasha’s shiurim focus on a different topic in Judaism including: Halacha, Parasha and Gemara. Each shiur has its own unique style and format as well as being taught by a range of excellent teachers who are professional, experienced and experts in their field. All the shiurim are ‘text-based’ and incorporate sources and texts for the members of the Midrasha to study in depth. Two of the shiurim will also incorporate chavruta time which will provide the members of the Midrasha with the opportunity to continually improve and develop their textual learning skills and knowledge base.

The Midrasha aims to appeal to, and provide for, Orthodox women of all ages who wish to engage in high level, text based learning, and therefore aims to provide a variety of learning opportunities and shiurim. We hope that each lady will select a particular learning opportunity which best suits her needs and abilities and will join us at The Midrasha.

At The Midrasha, we hope to remain aware of the religious, educational wants and needs of the Jewish Women in London and provide accordingly.